The Wander Soil Ecology Lab


Current members of the lab include a hard working group

Postdoctoral Associates

  • Carmen Ugarte- Soil Ecologist, Indicators, Management Tools

Graduate Students

  • Xianni Chen- The effects of inherent and dynamic properties on organic matter dynamics
  • Ron Revord- Hazelnut Improvement for Polyculture
  • Lakiah Clark- Soybean Health
  • Dane Hunter- Local Food Systems

Lab Assistants (probably the most important part of our team!)

  • Pedro Martin
  • Dan Guico
  • Mechell Fraizer
  • Debbie House

Agroecology and Sustainable Agriculture Program Undergrads

  • Nathan Luft- web content contributor

eOrganic Stafg

  • Cindy Salter- coordinates ask an expert for eOrganic and copy edits content published to the eOrganic community of practice in eXtension
  • Shanyn Siegle- eOrganic soils group coordinator

 Past Lab Members  (we are able to keep up with and are missing)

  • Ed Zaborski – soil biologist, WORT team lead, eOrganic Soils Group Coordinator and so much more

  •  Ho-Young Kwon- Post Doctoral Associate, modeling, emissions factor, conservation tool analysis.  Exploring farming.
  • Patricial Lazicki- MS, Soil Quality in the Marsden Plots, currently in Sierra Leon
  • Laura Witzling- MS in Urban Soil Quality, Dane County Local Food Educator, pursuing PhD at UW Madison.
  • John Davis
  • Vicky Lévesque- assistant, pursuing PhD in Canada
  • Brian Davis- intern, pursuing MS at UMD




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