I got to interact with many great folks in 2015

2015 picsFrom top left these are folks include NCERA 59 (soil organic matter regional research group) members (Ron Turco, Dan Olk, me, Rhae Drijber, Paul Verburg and Matt Ruark), women soil scientists participating in the Soil Security conference (Sabine Grunwald, Skye Wills, Katina Hanson, Diane Stott, ?? (sorry!), and Bianca Moebius-Clune, participants at a field day at Janies’ Farm (farmers: Ross and Harold Wilkins, ??, and program organizer Bill Davison), The Ugartes in Bolivia!, participants in our multifunctional woody perennial polyculture workshop (Tito Lavaire, Ron Revord, Jeremy Guest, Tim Mies, Dane Hunter, Kevin Wolz, Diana Kapanzhi, Sarah Lovell, Mark Coggeshal,Tom Molnar, Shibu Jose and me), and Gayoung Yoo in Seoul before the World Soils Congress! The lettuce ice cream and community gardens spotted as part of U of I Global Issues Forum held in Taiwan.

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