Spring Semester Highlights 2011

Highlights this spring include the recent Earthweek visit to campus by Nancy Creamer, Director of the Center for Environmental Farming Systems, and by Matt Liebman, Wallace Chair of Sustainable Agriculture.  Nancy shared the story of how North Carolina is building a local food system and the launch of their  10 percent campaign.  Matt’s talk on the Impacts of Biodiversity on Agricultural Systems packed the NRES seminar.

2 responses to “Spring Semester Highlights 2011

  1. Grant Livingston

    Dear Professsor Michelle Wander,
    I admire the work that you have done with agroecology and soil systems. I’m considering applying to graduate school at U. of Illinois.

    I wanted to let you know that the link to Impacts of Biodiversity on Agricultural Systems is not working.

    Grant Livingston

    • Thanks Grant, I think the document was moved.. sorry! I’ll keep an eye out for your application. Michelle

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