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Multifunctional Woody Polyculture

Illinois has gone NUTS with research on edible perennialized food systems.  Check out the Woody Perennial Polyculture and the Multifunctional Woody Polyculture sites that are located on our campus’ South Farms.


Lab group celebrating with ice cream

vimeoWe are going to be sad to say goodbye to many friends as summer ends.

Wander Lab Dishing Dirt

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Agriculture Evolving

It was a treat to visit the Morrow Plots with Ford Denison during his visit to campus to discuss his book “Darwinian Agriculture”.  It was great fun to stand in front of this county’s oldest agronomic trial and ponder how to study perennial polycultures with Ford (former manager of LTRAS which UC Davis claims as the world’s youngest 100  year study)  with students participating in the Agriculture Evolving class.  Students interested in developing woody polycultures were particularly interested in his critique of agriculturalists who seek  to blindly mimic nature.  Ford gave us a lot to think about as we imagine the world’s new ‘youngest’ long term polyculture trial.

Ford Denison with me at the Morrow Plots

Ford Denison with me at the Morrow Plots

Summer 2013 Update

Lab lunch to celebrate the completion of field sampling and than Ed Zaborski fir all of his hard work

Lab lunch to celebrate the completion of field sampling and thank Ed Zaborski for all of his hard work finding fields

What a Summer – Can we top in 2012?

Roller derby has noting on us

Team 2011

The path to greatness starts in the soils lab

Spring 2011 got off to a great start with a visit from Angie Hernandez, former student hourly and art history major.   She assured the current crew that soil grinding helped her get that internship at the Peggy Guggenheim Museum in Italy.

Spring Semester Highlights 2011

Highlights this spring include the recent Earthweek visit to campus by Nancy Creamer, Director of the Center for Environmental Farming Systems, and by Matt Liebman, Wallace Chair of Sustainable Agriculture.  Nancy shared the story of how North Carolina is building a local food system and the launch of their  10 percent campaign.  Matt’s talk on the Impacts of Biodiversity on Agricultural Systems packed the NRES seminar.