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Multifunctional Woody Polyculture

Illinois has gone NUTS with research on edible perennialized food systems.  Check out the Woody Perennial Polyculture and the Multifunctional Woody Polyculture sites that are located on our campus’ South Farms.


Stewarding Carbon for the Climate

In this project we are assessing the influence of grain production cropping systems on soil quality and C sequestration potential. We are adopting a participatory and on-farm research approach to assess fields under various management practices representative of the Midwestern United States.



Team members: Michelle Wander, Carmen Ugarte, Ed Zaborski, Ellen Phillips.

Rapid Project on Flood Damage

Conservation Management Tool

This project evaluates the performance of the Natural Resource Conservation Service’s Conservation Management Tool.  This is a practice based tool that inventories farmer’s management practices to determine eligibility for the Nation’s Conservation Security Program.  This is a national program that offers payments to producers enrolling in CSP programs  and encourages them to adopt conservation management practices or to improve/maintain existing conservation practices.

Team members include Susan Andrews, Carmen Ugarte and Ho-young Kwon

Agroecology and Sustainable Agriculture Program

I currently serve as the director of ASAP.  The University of Illinois program is one of the first univeristy based programs addressing sustainable agriculture in the country.  Our current mission is to promote information exchange and knowledge application to improve the sustainabliity of food, fiber and energy production in Illinois and beyond.   For more on ASAP click here.

Soil Quality Website

I  host the Soil Quality Website which is the product of  a collaborative effort between Susan Andrews, members of NCERA-59, and the Soil Tilth Lab.  Many individuals have worked for the past decade to develop and deliver content addressing and promoting sustainable soil management.  This is an outgrowth of a SARE-PDP project that engaged Illinois educators and farmers in design effort.  Dr. Holli Kuykendall, NRCS  Ecologist is the managing editor of the web site and is responsible for assimilating comments, recommendations and contributions to expand its content and advertise its availability. 

We are always seeking input so if you have some to share let us knowTo visit the site click here



is a webcommunity for eOrganic that publishes to eXtension. 

eXtension is brought to you by experts from the nation’s largest and oldest network of land grant universities.

Michelle has served as one of the founders of eXtension and has served as the lead for the eOrganic Soils and Organic Agriculture and Climate Change communities of practice since their inception. If you are interested in serving as a contributor to or reviewer for eOrganic please let us know!